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Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

At the end of the trip, we were taken to the Europa Park - the biggest amusement park in Germany. It was my first visit in such a place and I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of such parks because I've got unpleasant memories from my childhood connected with carousels. Anyway, it was nice to feel some adrenalin at that time! :D Oh, and the name of the park comes from the fact that it is divided into countries of Europe. There are some landmarks of each country in every part of the park.

I love Great Britain so I really adored British part which was, by the way, prepared very accurately:

Look here: I associate that place with a character Ebenzer Scrooge
 from A Christmas Carol but this one looked more positive:

I was surprised but even toilet signs were connected with the countries! :D

I really enjoyed time spent on water roller coaster...maybe because that was very hot day so water mists were beneficial...

Actually, I didn't use that one because people who were on it were soaking wet! :D 

A bicycle in front of photo lab in French part:

 A solitary lighthouse worker in front of her workplace:

Here you can see the most exhilarating roller-coaster I've ever been to. It was called Euro-Mir and was located in Russian part:

I was also fond of Greek part...I think it was the most precise part and very comparable to the reality

Although I'm not a big fan of such places, I enjoyed my time there...maybe because I like travelling and it was like a miniature of placed I would like to visit. :D
That's the end of the photo-report part. Next time I'm going to show you some postcards I bought during that travel! ^^
Karolina x


Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

In June 2010 I had a chance to go for a school trip abroad. Our main goal was Strasburg (because the Council of Europe is located over there) but we slept in a youth hostel placed in Baden-Baden. We went for some walks around that place so I had an opportunity to take some photos while city wasn't crowded because of the evening:

   a calm shopping arcade in the evening:

the railway station in the city centre:

the entrance to the pump house:

the entrance to the pump room:

the entrance to the spa resort: 

outside view of spa resort:  

Tomorrow and on Thursday, I will present the rest of places I visited during that trip.
Karolina :)


Dresden, Saxony, Germany

I went with my friend - Meg for one-day trip to Dresden yesterday which I'd like to show you from now :)
Our main goal was to visit one of the Christmas markets which takes place there. But also we did some sightseeing! :)
We started from Theaterplatz. We saw Semperoper:

Then we went to see Zwinger:

We also saw Residenzschloss in Dresden:

 While strolling on Brühl's Terrace I saw on the wall of Albertinum that painting and I'm wondering now who's that:

At Innere Altstadt we saw Kunstakademie's roof which resembles lemon squeezer :D

Here you can see Frauenkiche:

Finally, we went for Striezelmarkt where we saw a lot of wooden toys, food and beverages. We also bought an apple in red syrup, some Gluhwein and a cake:

While going back to coach I tried to took some night photos but my camera has dissatisfied me :D

That's all for today! I enjoyed the trip very much! :D
In the next post I'll upload postcards I bought in Dresden! :)
Greetings, Karolina :)