How are you? I got hooked on "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" nowadays. Do you know that programme?
Today I'll show you next postcard from Asia. This time it comes from China! :)
It shows the Terracotta Army in the first Emperor of China's tomb.

I don't receive any postcards so I show you those from "archives" :D
That's all for today!
Karolina :)


Eesti Vabariik

How are you? Unfortunately, it's winter here! :D
However, let's move on...Today I'm going to show a postcard I got from Estonia by Postcrossing:

I like all of my postcards but this one is one of my favourite ones! :)


香港 - Hong Kong

I'm going to tell you about superb exchange I took part in last year. I've got friend in Hong Kong who offered to make an exchange of sweets. I'm sending some Polish sweets and she's sending me some Chinese. I'll show you results of that event now.
This is a letter (I've hidden main content of my letter) and sweets I sent to Hong Kong:

And this is what I got from Hong Kong:

I also got lollipops but I haven't got picture of them :(
That's a proof that it really came from Hong Kong:

This is last post about sweets from abroad. But when I start travelling, I will have more! :D
Karolina! :)