Endless heat

It seems to me that summer time has begun for good in Poland! :) However, not only is it that hot only in Poland but also in Italy! :D That's why I'm going to present you my Italian postcards today :)

I've got loads of postcards from province of Imperia in Liguria region because my grandparents used to spend a few times their holidays over there. They reminisced that place many times and really enjoyed their holidays there.

When it comes to Liguria, I can also show you a postcard from another city in that region. Alassio is a popular both in summer and winter holiday resort.

The following card is from Abruzzo region. Alba Adriatica is also very popular holiday resort which was high quality standard of beaches. Town got Blue Flag prize (a certification that beach meets strict quality standards) 4 times.

 The Floating City, located in Veneto region, is an extremely important tourist destination. Maybe because of carnival. Or perhaps because of canals which create romantic, lovely atmosphere. That place does not need introducing. Ladies and Gentlemen, Venice:

Ancona is located in Marche - a region I discovered lately. My love to Italy has started from Tuscany, then I read about Marche which only intensified my fascination.

The last Italian postcard is not so summery...Forgive me! :D I got it from my friend while she was on her winter holidays. Dolomities are simply pefrect for skiing in winter! :D

I adore everything which is connected with retro/vintage. I associate Italy with retro because of antique places, climate. Therefore, I would like to visit every region in Italy in my life to enjoy its cuisine, landscapes, atmosphere, people and lovely-sonorous language. :) <3

Karolina x



*Καλησπέρα! (pronounced: Kalispera) means Good afternoon in a language of a country I'm presenting postcards from today.  

I've chosen a set of postcards from a country which is an ideal summer holidays destination so I hope it'll be an colourful, optimistic and dreamy post! :D
So...it's time for the first prompt: Rhodes (or Rodos) is an island on Aegean Sea and is very popular tourist destination:


Meteora is a complex of monasteries built on sandstone rocks. By the way, in one of James Bond film series For Your Eyes Only you could see a scene with Meteora in the background.

Patra is the third biggest city in that country. I love that postcard so much - the view and colours are gorgeous - I adore landscape postcards pretty much :D

And the last clue is: Athens is the capital city of that country. Moreover, it's one of the oldest cities in the world with many ancient relics. That postcard presents Acropolis with Parthenon temple.

Okey, I know, I know, it was so easy! But yes, it's Greece on the postcards! :D
Karolina x


Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

At the end of the trip, we were taken to the Europa Park - the biggest amusement park in Germany. It was my first visit in such a place and I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of such parks because I've got unpleasant memories from my childhood connected with carousels. Anyway, it was nice to feel some adrenalin at that time! :D Oh, and the name of the park comes from the fact that it is divided into countries of Europe. There are some landmarks of each country in every part of the park.

I love Great Britain so I really adored British part which was, by the way, prepared very accurately:

Look here: I associate that place with a character Ebenzer Scrooge
 from A Christmas Carol but this one looked more positive:

I was surprised but even toilet signs were connected with the countries! :D

I really enjoyed time spent on water roller coaster...maybe because that was very hot day so water mists were beneficial...

Actually, I didn't use that one because people who were on it were soaking wet! :D 

A bicycle in front of photo lab in French part:

 A solitary lighthouse worker in front of her workplace:

Here you can see the most exhilarating roller-coaster I've ever been to. It was called Euro-Mir and was located in Russian part:

I was also fond of Greek part...I think it was the most precise part and very comparable to the reality

Although I'm not a big fan of such places, I enjoyed my time there...maybe because I like travelling and it was like a miniature of placed I would like to visit. :D
That's the end of the photo-report part. Next time I'm going to show you some postcards I bought during that travel! ^^
Karolina x


London 2012

I decided to give you a small gap in my travel account and show you a postcard I got from my friend on Monday. It presents a logo of 30th Summer Olympic Games which will take place in London this year. There are going to start in last week of July.

Karolina :) 


Strasbourg, Alsace, France

Our main goals during the trip were educational experiences, of course. That's why we headed for Strasbourg.
First of all, we met in front of the building Polish employee of European Court of Human Rights who explained us how that organisation works.

 the entrance to the European Court of Human Rights:

a piece of Berlin Wall in front of the European Court of Human Rights:

We have also seen the building of European Parliament. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to enter it:

 Anyway, the other "educational" place we visited were the headquarters of Council of Europe where we also met Polish employee who told us something more about that organisation. Council of Europe promotes co-operation between European countries and has 47 members nowadays.

 view outside:

view inside the room of debates

Moreover, we went for a walk around the Strasbourg and saw how beautiful that city is! Notre Dame Cathedral may be regarded as a landmark of that city. That monumental temple was the world's tallest building from 17th to 19th century.

Luckily, we had an opportunity to reach the observation deck on the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is how Strasbourg looks from the top: 

It's time for photos from my stroll around Strasbourg:

a lovely carousel at Gutenberg Square

 view on Inn River from the bridge:

In my opinion, timber framing makes Strasbourg such a lovely place! I really enjoyed my time over there:

Next time I will show you the past place we visited during that trip - Europa Park in Rust! :)
Karolina x


Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

In June 2010 I had a chance to go for a school trip abroad. Our main goal was Strasburg (because the Council of Europe is located over there) but we slept in a youth hostel placed in Baden-Baden. We went for some walks around that place so I had an opportunity to take some photos while city wasn't crowded because of the evening:

   a calm shopping arcade in the evening:

the railway station in the city centre:

the entrance to the pump house:

the entrance to the pump room:

the entrance to the spa resort: 

outside view of spa resort:  

Tomorrow and on Thursday, I will present the rest of places I visited during that trip.
Karolina :)