Philippine cookie

Hello! I must admit - I love eating, trying new cuisines, various tastes. That's why I'm open to sweets exchanges with my friends. I've already took part in an exchange with my friend from Hong Kong. Today I will show you brief results of my another exchange.
This time I shared my favourite Polish candies with my Philippine friend:

I got a Mazapan de pili. It's a Spanish name for a marzipan with pili nuts. It was very tasty - luckily, not too sweet :D

Sweet greetings,
Karolina! :)


Viet Nam

Hello everyone! :) I'm pretending to study for my exams so I don't add new posts too often. That's why I'm uploading a post about a postcard I got on Tuesday with a delay. A few weeks ago I got an offer of private exchange from a Postcrossing user. She's from Vietnam and is visiting Poland in December.
That is a postcard of a minority in a Vietnamese town - Sa Pa. There are 54 different minorities in Vietnam - they have their own culture, language and lifestyle. I don't know the name of the group in the picture so I will update the post when I discover it :)

As befits East Asian country, I got a stamp with a dragon because the Year of the Dragon lasts:



Country that doesn't exist

Hey! Many years ago I got the following postcards from my mum (she found them in her things) but to be honest...I didn't appreciate them then. Lately, I realised that it's a precious treasure in my collection :D
The country I will show you postcards from is...Czechoslovakia! :) On 1st January 1993 it split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The postcards show some typical places in both of those countries like Prague, Bratislava, Olomouc or Opava:

Karolina :)


Russian folklore

Hello! That post will be almost a life coverage of my today's postal discovery. Namely, I've received a postcard from Karelia, Russia today! It's an unusual postcard for me because I usually get those presenting a landscape or landmark but this one shows popular characters of Russian folklore:

I recognize Ded Moroz - the Russian equivalent of Santa Claus - and Snegurochka, Ded Moroz's granddaughter and helper. But there is also Brownie - a goblin helping in tasks around the house; Firebird - a magical bird and Ivan Tsarevich - Russian folklore hero. Moreover, there are also Sivka Burka - a horse - and Bogatyr - a warrior. Additionally, you can see Vasilisa the Wise - a princess and Emelya - third brother, a fool.

Karolina :)