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日本 - Japan

There are a lof of summing-ups of the year on the blogs nowadays. I won't do that - I will reminisce about my biggest adventure of 2011.
Once upon a time head master of local community centre came to my school and offered a one-way exchange - willing students could host girls from Japanese choir from Nagoya which came to Poland for a few concerts. It was planned for the end of the March.
I've decided to host two girls: Miyu and Chihiro.

On one of the concerts they were singing in the tradidtional clothing called yukata:

That picture was taken during the concert in the church on the last day of their stay in my town:

They also brought some gifts for me and my family - you can see some of them:

But also they gave us some Japanese snacks:

My parents had a lof of fun with them too. My parents became Japanese girls' parents for those 4 days. It's a custom that when the Japanese go to foreign house, friends' parents become their parents - so Miyu and Chihiro used to call my parents "mum" and "dad" which created very positive and familiar atmosphere! :)

Moreover, they have inspired me to choosing the studies. I've spent great time with them, learned some interesting things about they culture and customs. I'd like to study English with Japanese at the university next year because of my Japanese guests :) 

I wish you a lof of inspiration and creativity in the New Year! :)
Good luck,
Karolina :)