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Strasbourg, Alsace, France

Our main goals during the trip were educational experiences, of course. That's why we headed for Strasbourg.
First of all, we met in front of the building Polish employee of European Court of Human Rights who explained us how that organisation works.

 the entrance to the European Court of Human Rights:

a piece of Berlin Wall in front of the European Court of Human Rights:

We have also seen the building of European Parliament. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to enter it:

 Anyway, the other "educational" place we visited were the headquarters of Council of Europe where we also met Polish employee who told us something more about that organisation. Council of Europe promotes co-operation between European countries and has 47 members nowadays.

 view outside:

view inside the room of debates

Moreover, we went for a walk around the Strasbourg and saw how beautiful that city is! Notre Dame Cathedral may be regarded as a landmark of that city. That monumental temple was the world's tallest building from 17th to 19th century.

Luckily, we had an opportunity to reach the observation deck on the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is how Strasbourg looks from the top: 

It's time for photos from my stroll around Strasbourg:

a lovely carousel at Gutenberg Square

 view on Inn River from the bridge:

In my opinion, timber framing makes Strasbourg such a lovely place! I really enjoyed my time over there:

Next time I will show you the past place we visited during that trip - Europa Park in Rust! :)
Karolina x