Hey everyone! :) Today I'm going to write about my trip to Poznań which took place during summer, 2010. I went there with my friend whose sister lives in Poznań. She hosted us and looked around the city with us.
We visited many enjoyable places and had pleasure from sightseeing! :)
First of all, we went to New Zoo (there is also an Old Zoo in Poznań) which has one of the most modern place for elephants in the whole Europe:

While wandering around Poznań, we came across the fountain (sadly, without water) with those statues around it. Oh, and a blue umbrella on the second picture isn't his! :D

Poznań is famous for a renaissance town hall with figures of fighting goats. Legend says that a cook who was preparing a banquet burnt food so he found those two goats. Animals escaped on the town hall tower there they started to butt each other. That was entertaining for people so they stayed on a town hall as a reminder - their mechanical equivalents butt each other every day at midday:

In the neighbourhood of University of Art, we saw such an interesting sculpture:

 The next place we visited was a Cytadela Park in which Magdalena Abakanowicz's sculptures are placed. It is a group of 112 half-human-shaped sculptures called Nierozpoznani (Unrecognized):

In Poznań there is a Motorization Museum under one of the roundabouts. This is a postcard with one of the exhibits:

Here is the my postcard from Poznań:

There is also a beautiful baroque palace located in Rogalin, 20 km from Poznań. I visited it also in 2010 but during the family trip:

Karolina :)