Leap day!

Merhaba (Hello in Turkish) I can't miss such an opportunity to add new post at leap day! It occurs every four years so it's very special date today! :D
But let's move on...The weather is great here last days...it's sunny and quite warm...I can feel the spring! :D
That's why I decided to show you some sunny postcards to carry on that optimistic atmosphere :)
I'll start with a postcard from Kirsehir - I received it thanks to Postcrossing:

I didn't get any more postcards from Turkey through Postcrossing. However, that country was very popular holiday destination among my family and friends so I've got 3 more Turkish postcards to show you! :D

That one is from Kemer - a seaside resort on the Turkish Riviera:

I got the following one from Marmaris which is also located on Turkish Riviera:

And the last one is from my friend who visited Turkey a few years ago:

That is my favourite postcard from Turkey because it really shows beauty of Turkey! I hope I will visit that country one day...

Karolina :)


Give me some sunshine

Hello! I suffer from cold nowadays because of winter here! That's why I decided to add posts about postcards from "warmer" countries to cheer myself up a bit! :D
I've chosen Tunisia which is situated on the Mediterranean coast- lucky them! :D
First postcard comes from Monastir and presents Habib Bourguiba's mausoleum (He was the first President of the Republic of Tunisia)

Two following postcards are from Sousse which is very popular Tunisian seaside resort currently:

The last postcard makes me feel so optimistic! I hope I will see such a landscape personally one day! :)
Keep warm,
Karolina :)


Cieszyn, Silesia, Poland

Hello! Welcome to February! It's so cold here last days! I'm freezing and dreaming of spring! :D
That's why this post will reminisce warmer times! I'd like to show you some photos from my trip to Cieszyn which took place on 22th of May 2009. That one-day trip was organised by my Art teacher. Our main goal was to see Art Department (of Silesian University) students works' exhibition. Obviously, we also rambled around Cieszyn.
Firstly, I will show you some photos from the University:

Notice that 3D bed - it really sticked out of wall!

And now it's turn for the town!
View from Góra Zamkowa:

These buildings over the stream are regard as local Venice :)

Studnia Trzech Braci (Three Brothers' Well)
According to the legend it's a place
where three brothers (Cieszyn founders) met.

St. Nicholas church
I think it's the most popular example of
romanesque architecture in Poland! :D
A photo of that rotunda can be found on 20 zloty banknote.

It was very warm, sunny day! I wish it was so warm now, haha! :)
I wish you a lot of warmth!
Karolina :)