Filipino sweets

I'm alive, yes! One exam left till the start of my holidays - it's so great! I was busy with learning so I had to neglect the blog - sorry! Today I'll show you a  package I got at the end of April from my good friend from Philippines. First of all, I got mangorind - dried mango. It is so yummy because it is not too sweet, simply great! :)

This is how a packet looks like:

A quick glance inside - not much left as you can see :D

Wrapping of a mangorind: 

And finally - treats. They are small (about 3cm long), perfect for two bites:

With that pack, I also received a postcard of Cagayan de Oro which is very famous of great whitewater rafting conditions :)

Keep your fingers crossed on Tuesday - I'll have the last exam! Then, welcome holidays! :D
Karolina :)