Endless heat

It seems to me that summer time has begun for good in Poland! :) However, not only is it that hot only in Poland but also in Italy! :D That's why I'm going to present you my Italian postcards today :)

I've got loads of postcards from province of Imperia in Liguria region because my grandparents used to spend a few times their holidays over there. They reminisced that place many times and really enjoyed their holidays there.

When it comes to Liguria, I can also show you a postcard from another city in that region. Alassio is a popular both in summer and winter holiday resort.

The following card is from Abruzzo region. Alba Adriatica is also very popular holiday resort which was high quality standard of beaches. Town got Blue Flag prize (a certification that beach meets strict quality standards) 4 times.

 The Floating City, located in Veneto region, is an extremely important tourist destination. Maybe because of carnival. Or perhaps because of canals which create romantic, lovely atmosphere. That place does not need introducing. Ladies and Gentlemen, Venice:

Ancona is located in Marche - a region I discovered lately. My love to Italy has started from Tuscany, then I read about Marche which only intensified my fascination.

The last Italian postcard is not so summery...Forgive me! :D I got it from my friend while she was on her winter holidays. Dolomities are simply pefrect for skiing in winter! :D

I adore everything which is connected with retro/vintage. I associate Italy with retro because of antique places, climate. Therefore, I would like to visit every region in Italy in my life to enjoy its cuisine, landscapes, atmosphere, people and lovely-sonorous language. :) <3

Karolina x

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  1. mmm... Włochy! cudownie ^^
    a ta ostatnia to od Dosi, nie? :D