Quelques cartes postales

I know! I know! I know! I told I would add 2 posts, I know! But I really had no time to prepare 2 posts...so I prepared just one! This one! Especially for you :) As you can deduce after reading the title...I'm going to show you some more postcards I have from France :)

Am I the only one person who knows Normandy from history lessons about World War II? But also it's a region located at English Channel with beautiful landscapes around.

Today we're going to find out that Ouistreham is a small port in Normandy.

Ok, it's time to move southwards to Reims. It was a large and important city during the Roman Empire. That's why it has a lot of ancient relics nowadays which are worth-seeing for sure.


The capital city of France is known as a city of lights, amazing tourist attractions and a very romantic atmosphere everywhere :D Of yes, and because of its landmark - Eiffel Tower :D

Still heading southwards, we can go to La Salette which is very popular tourist destination for religious people because of Mother of God's sanctuary.

We are going to finish our tour across France on southern coast at Mediterranean Sea. First of all, we're visiting Montpellier. I have no idea why but cities, towns in southern France seem to be pretty ambient to me!

And now it's time for Provence - my beloved French region. As you may know, Côte d'Azur is a part of Provence. It's a very, very popular tourist destination because of perfect weather for most of the time in the year.

Moreover, Cannes is very famous because of Film Festival which takes place over there every year.

I'm not proud of that post....it's short and written in hurry...shame on me!

Karolina x

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  1. mmm! moja Francja! <3 <3
    e, narzekasz, dla mnie notka bomba xD szczególnie piękne francuskie widoczki...! :))))) (Of yes! :D)