*name of that country in Arabic

I think it's high time for another kind of geographical riddle today! :D
First of all, I'm presenting you postcards from a county which belongs to a group of positive countries, according to my weather classification. If it's sunny and warm country, it's a positive country...and That country surely is a hot&sunny place.

That postcard depicts sand dunes on Erg Chebbi which is placed in the neighbourhood of Merzouga - a small village.

Additionally, this is a postcard from the capital city of that country. It presents Kasbah of the Udayas - a fortress with a place for sovereign.

And yes, it's Morocco! :)

Guys, I'm so excited! On Friday I'm going with my friends to Poznań! It's my second visit in that city and I promise I will be more accurate photographer this time! :D I can't wait  to take amazing pictures and show them to you! :)

Karolina x

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  1. jeeeeeeee... piasek! :D i to ile! :D

    no i nasz Poznań!! :))))))))