Città del Vaticano

Summer seems to be a season of pilgrimages. It's right time to connect something for soul (a prayer) and body (a recreation in more tourist places). One of my friends decided to do so and went for a pilgrimage to Italy. She spent time in cultural parts of Rome but also in religious Vatican City where she saw St. Peter's Basilica which you can see on the postcard below. It's a very important church for Roman Catholics because it's somehow connected with Pope's head office which is located in Vatican City.

Look below, even the stamp is Vatican. That postcard is quite special because it comes from the smallest country (in terms of size) in the world.

Karolina xx

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  1. nie mówiłaś, że dostałaś pocztówkę z Watykanu! mówiłaś o Rzymie! o ty :D